Store Closing

Due to global supply issues causing problems getting parts to supply for kits, I've decided to close the HeaterMeter Store.

The HeaterMeter project started in 2009 and I opened the store in 2015 at the request of people who understandably wanted to get all the parts in one place. Since then, there's been over 3500 orders and HeaterMeter added nearly 5000 new devices!

The store may reopen but it is unlikely. Until the Shopify subscription runs out, everything I do have is listed at half off price (excludes custom 3D prints). There's just a bunch of PCBs, 1 thermocouple amplifier, and a bunch of spare parts (but not enough to build a whole HeaterMeter).

Thanks to everyone who bought and build a HeaterMeter in that time, I hope yours lasts as long as mine does, which is still the prototype with a misprint case from 2015.