Sold Out

Sorry about the inconvenience, but due to an error on my part in sending the batch of LCD boards to the fab, I've sold out of all HeaterMeter 4.3 kits and pre-soldered variants. I've contacted the boardhouse in Colorado and they've quoted me an expedited 3 days to re-run the batch and 2 days shipping, which is pretty good turnaround and it is always great to be able to call and work out a problem with a domestic company rather than overseas, but that means that I am out of kits until after the Christmas shipping deadline. Best case scenario, I'll have new LCD boards in around Thursday or Friday Dec 22, but more realistically with turnaround time here, we're looking at shipping out Monday Dec 26 or Tuesday Dec 27.

I've set up to not allow backorders just in case the timeline really slips, but I will open those up once I've received notification that the boards are on the move.

For those wondering, both the base boards and LCD boards have undergone a refresh in parameters which makes them much easier to solder while still retaining an almost identical design. I'll release source files to github once I've received them and had a chance to run through full testing.