International Orders

I do ship kits, cases, and PCBs international to Canada, European Union countries, or down under. However, expect a minimum of 2 weeks for delivery. Orders underĀ 8oz can be shipped for a somewhat reasonable cost, orders under 1lb for a somewhat unreasonable cost. Over 1lb the shipping cost skyrockets for some reason to the point I do not recommend anyone pay it.

Tracking information will be provided but the level of detailĀ varies. Usually the package will say "Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS" for the duration of its journey until it finally says "Delivered: YOUR COUNTRY". Other times, the package will appear to sit in Miami for 3 weeks before showing delivered status. I can not provide any additional tracking information beyond what is provided by the tracking URL.

If there are no shipping options offered for your country, contact me to have them added. The store requires each country to be added individually.