HeaterMeter Holiday Sale

The season can be stressful so what better way to celebrate the holidays than to buy a quarantine-unrelated excuse to sequester yourself away from those you love and spend the entire season soldering, assembling and monkeying around with a brand new toy?

Store-Wide Discounts

We here at Smokin' Hardware completely agree with this sentiment and to make that decision a little easier we're kicking off our once a year sale with our biggest discounts on everything in the HeaterMeter store. Sure, it may be the only time anything is discounted on the store but that qualifies as "biggest discounts". For the entire American Thanksgiving weekend (Nov 26 - Nov 30), everything is 10% off with the discount code CHEAPERMETER. Yes, that's the same code as it is every year. It isn't that we are lazy, it just has a nice ring to it.

The best part is that you don't even have to be an American to take advantage of this fine offer-- we're looking at you, Netherlands. Not Dutch? You're still cool with us, the code works for everyone.

Never drink and solder

Too Stressed, Didn't Read

10% off store-wide with coupon CHEAPERMETER