Global Supply Shortage

Due to a global shortage of electronic components, we are unable to offer any kits or soldered HeaterMeter as of Nov 15, 2021.

It started with the probe jacks going up from $0.45 each to $5.60 each, so I redesigned the base PCB to use a different part, and designed a new PCB to fit the replacement part and sent them off to be fabbed. Before I even received them, I ran out of other parts. Finding some New Old Stock I was able to offer kits for a bit longer.

Now I've reached a point where it is just impossible to find replacements and stock isn't expected at suppliers until October 2022. I'm afraid that redesigning the whole circuit board to use completely different parts is not viable either, as even new parts are in short supply and likely to run out before I could get them.

Unfortunately, this means that HeaterMeter kits are out of stock until further notice. I'll reevaluate if redesigning again is worth doing in early 2023.

UPDATE July 2022: I no longer can even get parts to offer the alternate regulator style kits and things don't look to be getting any better.


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