COVID-19 Closure

As restrictions are lifted, the store has resumed shipping. Everything is totally normal in the world (shifty eyes).

The backlog has also been cleared, but due to high volume expect 1-2 days to ship. International shipments are going out, but expect very high transit times in shipping  (1-2 months).

I know what we're all looking for right now are indoor projects to help pass the time in self-isolation, however due to shelter-in-place restrictions I am unable to ship out new HeaterMeter orders. The last of the pre-virus orders will head out on Thursday morning March 26th and the HeaterMeter store will close until restrictions are lifted.

By pre-virus orders, I mean packages which are not contaminated with deadly pathogens, which is my standard business practice normally and I look forward to continuing that fine tradition of Excellence in Bags of Parts Which Won't Directly Kill You once the world is a little healthier place. When things return to normal, we'll just go back to killing you slowly with easier and more convenient delicious BBQ in the most innovative and American way.

I'm going to try to disable just the payment processing part of the store, so that everything will still be browsable, but if you somehow manage to sneak an order into the system after the closure, I'll congratulate you on your cleverness in a polite email saying your order will be cancelled. My credit card processing terms of service do not allow me to hold a credit authorization for longer than a week and I also can't hold your monies without sending you your order.

 technical difficulties