Official BBQ Controller of Summer

The #1 Selling BBQ Controller in the World

Longest Range Wireless (?) Technology Available
(Compare BLE, Bluetooth, Wifi G/N, 433MHz, Global Internet)

Highest Precision BBQ Controller up to 10x more precise than competitors (we have 1 decimal place!)
Precision != Accuracy

HeaterMeter Voted #1 Grill Controller

HeaterMeter, the world's most advanced grill control software

Highest rated customer satisfaction in most recent metro survey overall

Graph - Normal vs Good

Graph - Hot vs Cool

Learning controller makes over 3600 "decisions per hour"

With HeaterMeter (graph with rock solid temp) Without HeaterMeter (graph all over)

The above statisticsĀ are for reference only

Sustainable - I'll keep making them until people stop buying them. That's what sustainable means, right?