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HeaterMeter is an AVR / Arduino microcontroller-based automatic BBQ controller. Temperature data read from a standard thermistor (ThermoWorks, Maverick) or thermocouple probe is used to adjust the speed of a blower fan motor mounted to the BBQ grill to maintain a specific set temperature point (setpoint). A servo-operated damper may optionally be employed. Additional thermistor probes are used to monitor food and/or ambient temperatures, and these are displayed on a 16x2 LCD attached to the unit. Buttons or serial commands can be used to adjust configuration of the device including adjustment of the setpoint or manually regulating fan speeds.

The HeaterMeter board can optionally be mated to a Raspberry Pi (Model A, A+, B, B+, Zero, Zero W, Pi 2 and Pi 3) to provide web access. Web access provides live streaming updates, graphing, archives, and SMS/Email support for alarm notification. Android and iPhone apps are also available but not required, the website works on mobile devices as well (asterisk: it isn't a mobile site, but it does work).

HeaterMeter is a fully open source project in both hardware and software areas and is released under MIT license.